All Mechanical Car Repairs & Services Hoppers Crossing & Werribee

Established over ten years ago MC auto service center offers a large number of Car services to general public and its fleet customers, As we become more technologically enhanced so are the vehicles we drive. Whereas shielding its presence across the region of Williamstown, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Point cook we are recognized as one of the Prestige car mechanic service provider specializing in all the automotive mechanic’s repairs such as:

  • Transmission Service
  • Engine Tuning Services
  • Car Alarm and Security Services
  • Air Bags Services & Timing Belt Change
  • Power Window Services
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Engine Repairs
  • Air Bags Repairs
  • Brake Repairs
  • Auto Electrical
  • Electronic Fuel Injection
Car Repairs & Services Hoppers Crossing

The professionally trained, mechanics at MC auto service center provides qualitative mechanical repairs as the latest technological tools are being utilized to keep your vehicle in good contour keeping you informed every step of the way. The most prominent and contemporary method which is being adapted to suffice our customers auto electrical need is Electronic Fuel Injection -(EFI) At our mechanical repair centre we carry an extensive variety of security features like installing a Car alarm security in your car but this not where our job ends, aftercare is what we focus upon for example our breakdown assistance team are always are on their feet to assist with the car alarm and security services across Williamstown, Hoppers Crossing, Werribee and Point cook.

transmission service is part of your routine maintenance, which is similar like taking care of break repairs which includes

  • Removing and examining the sump or pan
  • Whenever possible replacing or cleaning the screen or filter, whereas break repair services which are rendered at MC auto service center are:
  • Resurfacing of drums and rotors as per necessity
  • Cleaning and adjusting drum brakes and parking brakes

Keeping your engine healthy and taking care of it at regular intervals has a better chance of lasting your car for a long haul. Engine repairs and engine tuning service are the two most chief component which is being handled by the professionals of MC auto service center providing the following job roles.

  • Check the engine’s PCV valve
  • Check oil and coolant levels.

  • Standard tune-up service

  • Filter replacement service

Power windows have become the most prevalent feature in all the modern car as they only rely upon electricity to work they become inoperable once the vehicle stops running. During such dilemma phase you can park your thoughts on the mechanics of MC auto service for the power window services as proper diagnoses for the problem of electrical and mechanical failure is conducted and a list of written estimate repairs is also provided with few of them listed below:

  • Power Window Switches

  • Power Window Regulators

  • Power Window Motor

  • Switches & Panels

Over the past years, safety components in every type of vehicle have become increasingly progressive. Among which one of the best and most important features, airbags have been added throughout the car and MC auto service center is one of the complete package solution for providing all types of airbags repair services, such as we take care of installing them, and if required the custom installation on a new and old suspension is being carried out. There are few airbags services we offer which are as follows:

  • Pre-repair scan

  • Determining the cause of Airbag Light

  • Checking the airbag sensor connector

  • Conducting the final road test

Timing belt runs the engine camshaft, and It’s called timing belt because its primary job is to evenly time, valve opening and closing with up-and-down movement of the pistons. Timing belt change is a high price maintenance job which can fatten your cost and thus we the skilled mechanics of MC auto service center guides the car owner when should the timing belt be changed or also replaced as an experienced set of professionals perform an in-depth research by letting them know what are the signs that display the urge of timing belt change such as:

  • Glazing- Shining or Glossy Appearance on Belts
  • Misalignment- Failure of Internal Component
  • Hydroplaning- Inadequate Water Dispersion from The Belts And pulleys

Though cars have been around for a hundred years but its basic idea remains unchanged, and as the automobile technology is shifting rapidly we the team of MC auto service center thrive to deliver, affordable, advanced and transparent services to our customers with the aim of achieving hundred percent customer along with long-term business goals.

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