Audi Repair Specialist in Melbourne & Werribee

MC Auto Service Centre is your alternative to going to the Audi clealership for all maintenance,diagnostics and repairs. We offer competitive pricing, quality service and a team that take pride in looking after every customer and their vehicle as if it was family.

We are well equipped to perform all required Audi repair and maintenance on your vehicle to satisfy the factory warranty. We are experienced in all major mechanical repairs, computer diagnostics. With the ability to communicate with all the Audi electronics systems and with our drive for problem solving, is why we have become the go to shop for Audis. From simple warning lights to the most difficult drivability issues we have the specialty tools to make sure you only get the best quality repair done on your vehicle every time.

Our auto mechanics are true professionals and take pride in taking care of your vehicle.

We are family owned and operated and we are out to protect your family as our own every mile of the way.

Audi Repair Specialist in Melbourne
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We Offer a Emergency Towing Service Across Hoppers Crossing.

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