Mc Auto Service Centre –Werribee’s Best Car Service and Repair Centre

With our comprehensive range of services, Mc Auto Service Centre offers our customers just what they need. Our full range of services is available for all types of engine as well – gasoline, diesel, electric or hybrid. We regularly undergo a systematic qualification assessment process and are committed to constantly improving. Besides our center in Werribee, we also offer services at your doorstep.

Mc Auto Service Center is the right address for outstanding service quality for your car. Whether you are looking for advice, repair or service work we can offer all of it, coupled with the unique expertise of our qualified mechanics with solid experience, world-class equipment and standard products. Customer satisfaction has always been the yardstick of our success. Our services promise ensure commitment to figuring out the best possible solution to any problem.

Our Car service includes:

  • Air bags repairs and services
  • Power window services
  • Timing belt change
  • Electronic fuel injection
  • Engine tuning services
  • Car alarm and security services
  • Auto electrical repairs
  • Road worthy inspection
  • Log book servicing
  • Car servicing
  • Engine repairs
  • Car mechanic
  • Tyre balance
  • Transmission service
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Tyre shop

Why Do You Need US?

Getting your car serviced during regular intervals ensure its smooth functioning and a hassle-free ride. A well maintained and serviced will perform optimally, saving money on fuel and increasing the mileage, life and worth of your vehicle. Wear and tear from usage is common in any machinery and the case of a car is no different. Regular servicing can minimise extensive and expensive repair and mechanical issues from occurring. Therefore, it is important to attend your regular service intervals, even when your car is running smoothly.

Quite too often dealerships try to establish a monopoly on your car servicing and logbook keeping needs and insist that you approach them for every service schedule. Customers are often misguided in this respect and continue with the dealers which is usually a costly affair. It is to be noted that the owner is entitled to receive services from any dealer or service center of their choice.The right to a warranty is protected under Australian Consumer Law. Mc Auto Service Centre is fully qualified to service your in-warranty car and maintain the log book servicing schedule.

At Mc Auto Service Centre, quality and satisfaction is a guaranteed aspect. All our services are certified and come withnationwide warranty which covers all the services, repairs and parts.